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Bulk Water Storage and Transport Services

Cantwell QWS offer a range of water services to support industry and essential services.
Our water tankers transport bulk water to site in volumes as required, ad-hoc and scheduled.

As a Team, Cantwell QWS operate with our sister company in times of adverse weather conditions to ensure a safe water supply to affected areas. We are renowned for a speedy response, with our reliable pumping systems to alleviate flooding and to resolve supply without delay. For more about our water pumping systems visit www.cantwell.ie
Cantwell QWS are renowned as a first call for Municipals when water outages occur due to adverse weather conditions. In such events we operate a 24/7 response service to secure a safe water supply to areas affected. In addition, we provide emergency water supply for Healthcare facilities.
Cantwell QWS water supply to Municipals for planned water outages
Cantwell QWS work together with Municipals in the event of scheduled water outages. Our back-up water supply ensures that areas maintain their water services for residents and industries, limiting disruption caused.
Cantwell QWS provide the temporary storage and filling of reservoirs nationwide. Our potable water can be stored in bulk, on location, where required and for the purpose of fire officer requirements.
Cantwell QWS supply water for the filling and flushing of water mains. Where there is a lack of water supply, we can supply and pump water at up to 50m³.
Together with our sister company, Cantwell, we provide om-site water treatment and storage for Live Events nationwide in Ireland.
Cantwell QWS hire our water tankers for the supply of potable water nationwide in volumes of 20-30m3. Contact Us for further details.
Cantwell QWS supply water in minimum quantities for the purpose of constructed swimming pools, tanks and ponds. Delivered nationwide, volumes available upon request.
Cantwell QWS supply potable water for use on Film & TV sets around Ireland. Water delivered to location and water tanks filled as required and determined by filming schedule.

Cantwell QWS operate nationwide in Ireland. We have an extensive fleet of tankers which operate and deliver service 24/7 for emergency and on-demand requirements for our customers.

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