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Bulk Water Transport and Storage Solutions

Cantwell QWS supply, deliver and transport bulk water to locations within Ireland.
We provide on-site storage solutions, ensuring uninterrupted supply with remote monitored systems.

Our water tankers can deliver large water quantities ranging from 5,000 litres to 30,000 litres. 

Our transport and delivery service operates nationwide in Ireland on a 24/7 basis, as required.

We provide bulk water transport and delivery to municipal, commercial and utility clients to ensure services remain in operation and without interruption. In addition we support healthcare and education facilities for their essential back-up water supply. 

On-site storage options are available, depending on volumes required. 

Our remote monitoring systems ensure that water levels remain optimised to guarantee uninterrupted supply and additional deliveries as required.

In the event of emergency water outages and adverse weather situations, Cantwell QWS are renowned for our response to provide alternative and safe bulk water supply.


Temporary Water Supply Transported & Delivered to Location

Construction Site

Cantwell QWS supply water to Construction sites in Ireland for site services and staff welfare. We deliver volumes within scheduled times determined and as required on site. 


We supply, transport and deliver safe drinking water to location for events across Ireland. We are a reliable resource for Festivals and Outdoor Music & Sporting Events.


Cantwell QWS supply, deliver and transport bulk water – uninterrupted, remote monitored and as required to locations within Ireland to ensure essential services remain in operation.

Emergency and Scheduled Back-up Water Supply

Cantwell QWS, together with Cantwell, provide bulk water storage and transport in response to planned and emergency water outages. 

We provide relief for Municipals and Utility clients in the event of storm and adverse weather events, offering a safe water supply during these events.

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